Thursday, October 14, 2010


December 28 is my birthday. Right between Christmas and New Year's Eve and now you got another reason why Im awesome. LOL. OK this post is not about Leos so let me cut the self ego boost. Im a hell of a Capricorn Lady. Its usually either the 3rd or 4th question a newly met man pops: ''Whats your Zodiac Sign?'' Well my answer is; '' Im a text book accurate Capricorn!''. Then they say something like ''oh word? Capricorn women are DIFFICULT!'' Well... which makes me then think, ''no boo boo.. you are used to the 'SOO EASY'. '' So Im writing this blog about CAPRICORN WOMEN including myself and for those who want to get close to a Capricorn Woman for romantic or business reasons. Here are some DO'S and DO NOTs, facts and fictions about These Female G.O.A.T.s.

Lets start with what Capricorn Women ARE NOT to get a better understanding of these women:

First of all, Capricorn women are NOT workaholics. This is crazy to me. Everytime I talk astrology, some smart ass tells me caps are workaholics. Caps are not workaholics. We just KNOW that this world is a cold one. We want the money, power, respect just like everybody else does. The only difference is we want them MORE and we have a solid plan to get em.
Second of all, Capricorn women are NOT un-emotional or cold. Capricorn Women got a tough exterior, maybe appear aloof but not cold. We are emotional beings but a capricorn woman got many layers. Our emotional layer is deep and not too many men are priviliged to touch that layer. So it takes a superior man to bring out the romantic out of a Capricorn Woman.

General Traits Of Capricorn Women

A Capricorn Woman is an observer. Capricorn Woman is less likely to walk up to a man randomly and say something. Its just the traditional side to us, we just like a confident man walking up to us in an original way. A Cap Woman might like a man but still look uninterested. But thats just the face value. She is just observing you to see if you can pass her tests. A Capricorn Woman evaluate a man in many aspects. But Im gonna talk about that later n this blog. A Capricorn Woman walks with some sort of swagger regardless of her looks. Some capricorn women might be less pretty than other caps but she sure does have a sure walk. A Cap Woman could be reserved. Self-reliant and appear ''dull'' thats when you know your company is really not doing it for her. A Capricorn Woman GLOWS when she is in a company of a man with a great sense of humor or confidence. If a Cap looks away when you are in her presence.. chances are she is giving herself the ''look what you did meeting this sucka'' self talk.
Capricorn women love to give advice. Even when she is not asked to. She will state it when she doesnt agree with you or if you are obviously at fault in her eyes. Aint no sugarcoating shit in a Caps world but we make our disagreements sound like sound advice because all caps got a Judge and a Teacher in them. We judge people, yes, but never shallowly, more like in a deeper sense which most air sign women wont.

Every Cap Woman got a Pace....that is slow, in relationships.

Every Cap likes to see if the man she chose can stand the test of time. Because failing to pick a good man is a nightmare for a Cap. In all reality, a cap woman has two goals in life.
1. Gaining Power.
2. Picking The Right Man

These two duties need to be fulfilled with care for these are the most important 2 goals every Cap has. Of course you can meet a player Cap, too. Dont get it twisted. She might be playing now, but she will be doing the duty #2 when the time is right for her. In other words, a cap woman do not rush to pick a man who is marriage material and on top of that, a man who can be a good father. That is very important because most Cap Women favor their Fathers unless he is a jerk himself. So my advice would be not to rush a cap into ANYTHING she isnt ready. This might take some time depending on how good of a man you appear to be and in fact are. The flightier you are, the faster the break-up. I'll be damned to give my future kids a father they can see only in the flicks. That would be my worst nightmare also the biggest failure in life. I dont think I can live with such a fucked up decision. Therefore, I shall test the man i love forever, without him knowing it, duh.

My ex told me Im sneaky. WRONG. Caps appear sneaky because we are the most comfortable in our OWN presence. We are loners at heart. Some of us are popular, some of us are more reserved but MOST of us got a private little world in us that is sacred and hid from others including family. Nobody can sneak in that world. So when you arent home, your cap girl might be actually more comfortable.That doesnt mean she is not comfortable around you or she is playing games behind you, its just the cap way. We are big on our privacy and space. We are also territorial. Too much intimacy is not a Cap's cup of tea unless you have been told she is in love with you

We are PRACTICAL, dammit.

Capricorns are the most practical of em all, therefore we communicate and express feelings via duty. If I re-write your resume in the most professional way, Im showing you love. .If Im cooking for you, thats also love. I might not agonize my love or write you a poem but I DO LOVE YOU. Just look at my actions. My gifts will also be practical. A Cap usually wont buy anything that you dont NEED. Also we do not like gifts that are of no use. Its all about being practical. Being practical means managing time well. A Cap is good at managing her time. An extra info, Capricorn is believed to rule birth-life-death cycle which is related to TIME. With that being said, DO NOT waste a Caps time.


The worst thing you can call a Cap is shy because we are far from it. I dont know why people wont look up the definition of SHY in a dictionary and THEN call a Cap shy if still applies. SHY people cant have eye contact.. A Caps biggest flirt is eye contact. A Cap wont come up to you asking you out BUT she sure will give you the sexy eye if you are worthy of it. When you catch her looking at you, best believe she is interested. Dont be discouraged when she immediately takes her eyes off of u, that means ''DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW''. Do it here and now or go about your day.


Maybe I should have placed this higher because if there is anything we are passionate about other than our goals and beloveds, its respect. A Cap will be turned the fuck off the minute you disrespect her vulnerability caused BY YOU. She took all her time to get to know you, then she opened her heart to you, became vulnerable ( capricorn is the most self reliant of em all, imagine how it feels to be vulnerable to a Cap.) and NOW you wanna disrespect her? WRONG MOVE because this will eventually make your Cap slip away and break it off. RESPECT is more important than LOVE to most Caps. This also applies to respect for her FAMILY ( DO NOT .. I repeat DO NOT talk shit about her family. She can, you cant. She wont talk shit about your family either. Family is sacred to us.) her likes and dislikes, her opinions and her feelings. Dont forget. a cap usually dont share her feelings with just anybody, she chose you, you shouldnt disrespect her in any way. No vulgar talk, shallow remarks, downplaying her achievements either.


If there is one thing we cannot get enough of.. is praise. We secretly YEARN for it.. We want it. WE WANT IT FROM IMPORTANT PEOPLE, not you. LOL. The more important you are, the more important the praise is. We secretly want it so bad so our performance is more intense, better and we still want the praise. A Capricorns mere motivation is praise and respect. A Cap wont stop till she get enough of it but she will be turned off when lack thereof, repeatedly. But she will never reveal this NEED, remember she is self reliant and she can give up on other traits to remain self reliant.


Capricorn can commit. Oh boy, when I talk about commitment Im talking about all kinds of commitment. A Cap is motivated by wants and needs. If she wants it, good. If she needs it, OH BOY aint she committed... She can remain in a long lasting relationship but this will be determined by her partners actions. If she feels like she is giving more than she is getting, that relationship is calling for quits.
Capricorn Men... they are marriage material just like us ladies.


Caps are theeeeee mothers. Nurturing, practical, expressive. Maybe a bit on the strict side but still...
Cap Mothers can whoop a mean ass when necessary. The kids will know what she means by just looking at her eyes. Her body language tells ''You better not''.
Since caps feel like they have to keep their image as it is, their kids cannot act stupid in public.


We are not boring or dull. However we are a bit on the serious side. But this is how we are. That doesnt mean we do not like having fun or laughing at jokes. As long as the joke aint on us, we love to laugh.
Cap women are turned off by physical jokes. Cap women are attracted to smart men who can run their mouth and sound smart and funny at the same time. Those are the men I personally go for. An Over confident almost to a fault is a Cap Woman's Weakness.


Well thats very general but Im gonna break it down to yall:

1. Confidence. Thats every Goat's Weakness. Almost to a fault. We love a larger than life attitude, HERE I AM vibe and ''IM SPECIAL AND I CHOOSE YOU THEREFORE YOU ARE SPECIAL'' look.
2. Talkative. A Cap wants to know a man thoroughly. A man who dont speak is no fun. A man who is expressive is sexy. It never fails.
3. Serious When He Should Be: OK THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. A Cap can perfectly shift from the flightly party girl to a serious business woman in the blink of an eye because REMEMBER she rules TIME. She knows perfect timing. She knows when to be silly when to be serious and she expects the same from her man. After all. if you cant represent her, why are you even in her life?
4. Class - A man with class... a man is to die for. We love to be loved, a classy man, a classy restaurant choice, a classy meal/wine/movie choice.. we love em. This happens usually with Libra Men though. Libra Men got that class for the most part and unfortunately thats the only thing they usually can attract a cap with.
5. Go Getter - Since a Cap's main goal is to find a man who is competent and good, she has to make sure he is some sort of security for her. This is in all aspects of life... financially, emotionally, mentally. She has to know you are going to be there no matter what. Only a go getter can give a Cap this sense of security and no other can. We love a competent, challenge lover.
6. Problem Solver - Its all about practicality baby.
7. Emotional Availability - The last thing a Cap will do is teach a man how to love. Period.
8. Decision Makers - We love a man who can bravely make a sound decision and show us he was right when he made the decision. Those are the sexy beasts. A man who can decide and be proud to have made the right decision.
9. Manly Men - WE LOVE THEM MANLY men almost to a fault. I dont know whats wrong with us. Most of us will fall for a macho mofo too. Thats a bit too much but we just love those manly men. Whether its only physical or mental. But I prefer the both. Aries is the perfect cut for this kind of men, ladies.
10. Family Men - A man who dont claim his children, pay child support and be in his childrens life tells a Cap one thing: ''BEWARE''. Since we are hardcore realists, theres no thinkin '' but he would make a good father to MY kids.'' No hun, once a dog always a dog. If he aint there for his existing children, what makes you think he will be there for your non-existing children? WE LOOK FOR A GOOD EXAMPLE OF A GOOD FATHER and those men dont set a good instance. Also a man who dont respect her mother is a nobody in a caps eyes because we put family before anything .

See we caps are all Solution Driven.. A man we can be with is a man who can stand the test of time. Who has proven that he will be there and a capricorn woman will be everything you look for in a woman.
Ask anybody who was with a Capricorn Woman in a relationship of meaning, they will tell you how affectionate, compassionate, real and good their Cap was. It never fails. Just dont get on the bad side of a Capricorn.


Caps take their time to fall in love but once they are in love, its a wrap yall. We love hard. We love hard to a fault. I dont know if it is our motherly nature, we just wanna better the man we are with but not every man is built to grow with a woman like a cap woman. A cap woman is in a constant struggle because of her desires and wants and she gradually climbs to the top and she wants to take her man with her but some men are not goal driven and they cant handle a challenge. For those men. a capricorn women is nothing but a challenge that they think they cant overcome, In those cases, those weak men should just say they cant handle a Cap before she notices that herself. Because once she knows this very fact, its pretty much over. A cap woman likes a superior man. Yes, he has to be superior to her or the most out there, thats a cap woman's pride. A man who is competent enough to grow and get to the top with so she can share the fruits of beautiful success with him. But if the man fails to step up to the plate, a cap will just go about her business.. new mountains to climb = more power to attain.


Well pretty much everybody else cheats but a Cap can cheat and less likely to get caught because of her practical and detail oriented ways. Caps usually cheat because in their mind, the relationship is no longer valid. Cheating is disgusting but if there are many ''reasons'' to cheat, a Cap's is probably this.


Ugh. This is probably the ugliest you can see a Cap. Especially if you hurt her pride or disrespected her bad, she just withdraws like there was no love to begin with. I dont know how we do it but personally when I feel disrespected to the point where I cannot respect the man myself, I just feel like Im gonna feel bad for the day or 2 for him or for what he told me to hurt me or maybe over the breakup, but once my time of grieving is up, Im no longer thinking about him.. We could be thinking about the hurtful words that were said, but thats it. We are just too self conscious and we hate it when taken for granted or stupid or anything less than who we truly are and we hate it twice when its done by a ''beloved''. Over all, he got us open therefore he musta been special to us. But we FAILED to see his true colors. Talk about the negative self talk.. self questioning and judging. Bad decisions are not for us. We replay it in our minds until we get over it.

BUT IN SHORT, when a cap is no longer in love, she shows it. She withdraws and becomes MEAN. We cant help it. I dont know how many times Ive been called MEAN because I just couldnt even respect him enough to look him in the eyes anymore. I just got reserved and avoided him at one point. Its either black or white to most caps, we dont tolarate disrespect. You disrespect a cap woman repeatedly, things can go from snow white to Flava Flav.


  1. I get this, but we both did wrong. Why am I the only one being punished!

  2. We caps have pride too, or we are soo guilty of hurting someone that we are afraid to admit our mistake because we are also perfectionist and we are afraid that if we hurt someone they will leave us, so we put our defence mechanism up just in case we are left alone, so we become mean

  3. Well im a capicorn women n guess what were the best mates

  4. you know i really do like how you wrote this article thingy lol it was very interesting and kept me wondering what was coming next.i actually really related to it and i think you did a excellent job because u nailed it lol :) thank you

  5. I really loved reading it.
    It suits me. I felt like it's all about me! Well, I just wanted you to tell us more about our sexual desires and satisfactions that we expect for good. Do reply! Thank you. :)

  6. Wooooow. No one is EVER able to sum up my sign like this... Everytime i read something about caps it just makes us sound soo annoying, and boring... like noo. Thanks Girl :)
    This is literally me to a T.

    1. Tell me about it, I hate reading that capricorns are serious and boring! Cos we're not - ok, we can be a little serious, but once we're comfortable
      with people and are in a good mood we really lighten up and give good banter - I only feel boring when I'm trying to have a conversation with someone who is boring me!!!!

    2. I totally agree with you Milly86. I totally feel the same way u did.

  7. Hi kishny!!! Your blog about cap woman is truely amazing....word to word with my woman in every aspect!!! But could u plz tell help me on this!!!! Recently I have heart broken my girl twice not due to cheating but with my stupidity!!!! I am a taurean guy!!!! Now when I approach my girl with full apologies and promising to be the guy she originally fell in love with....she has no emotions for me but said we could be friends!!!! I did a blunder in my life ignoring her passion and love but I really need this girl in my life again!!! We c each other daily but like friends only!!! She still trusts me I know and I am the only person she comes for any kind of help!!! Is there any way I could win her heart back!!! I really want her to make feel like a queen!!! Any suggestions plz!!!!

  8. Thank you for this beautiful article.

  9. @Renish...

    There is just something special about a bond between a Taurus Man and a Capricorn Female. Most of the time the Taurus Man is stupid and realises this later after the cappie has left...

    I am talking from experience. But you hurt us and disrespect us to that level, there is no going back. No matter how much we love you... We just dont want to be the once sitting and having to explain why we took the douchebag back. We would rather be alone or on to the next one.

    Good luck with your quest of trying to win back your Cappie girl...

  10. The point is, if you really love someone, there is something called a sense of belonging, which i feel is missing. its all the technical dos/don'ts that you have mentioned here. You mean the Caps are always right? i dont think so. u r a mere mortal just like any of us. What i felt while going through your post is mostly ego centric. Everyone has options.. its a cliche. But, if u really love someone, u dont treat them like dirt bags! it does'nt make u any better. do they?
    btw, am an Aries.

    1. Anirban, I beg to differ on the "dirtbag" thing.. We are self protective and don't want to go through another emotional turmoil.. No manipulation. Just a clean break from the past. Agree that we are mere mortals like everyone else..

  11. Wow! Amazing. I am trying to win the love of a Cap. I'm Gemini, but I learn fast & am doing well. I've learnt that telling her I love her does nothing, but showing her is working wonders. Any advice for a Gemini man, Capricorn girl....? Email:

  12. i am a cap woman and desperately in love with a cap man.. he loves me but has broken up some 5 months before and the amazing problem is he thinks i am better than him. i am simply clueless about what to do.. he is very cold but enjoys making me jealous.. in fact sometimes he just displays his coldness just to measure my depth of emotional belonging towards him. help me cuz being a cap my man is very important to me..
    anyways, he is young cap in his early 20s and 2 years younger than me..

  13. Hey I quite liked your article but I don't agree that Aries are macho ...they can be friends or fathers or brothers but not the right partners

  14. Reading this,i felt like you were talking about me....You are so on point it's amazing...Thank you

  15. I agree with alot of what you have said here on your blog. I am a Cappi woman and recently broke things off with a Cappi man that I adored and loved very much. We were very good friends prior to exploring things further to see if a relationship could be possible. Only thing is he didn't follow the golden Cappi rules and ended up not only really disrespecting me and didn't apologize but he ended up breaking my heart really bad ... I am currently at the MEAN stage with him...I've tried to maintain the friendship... but I can't fool myself.. right now it just not possible.... as much as I miss him and all that we shared and did... it seems physically and emotionally impossible to get back to a healthy relationship with him right now... when we do talk.... when i can stomach him i am constantly taking jabs at him with smartalic remarks... even though I am behaving like this... it doesn't take away the fact the I am still hurting.... and I lost my friend and I thought the man that would be my husband and the father to my children.

    1. Hello GG. How did your cap break your heart?

  16. It's great, makes me a little more proud to be a Capricorn.

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  18. I relate to most of this but I disagree with the shy part! I can be quite shy! I can also be bold as brass though - it all depends on how confident I'm feeling / how in or out of my shell I am. And that's another thing you haven't mentioned...(although maybe it's what you meant by emotional layers)...caps can be pretty in their shell at times and it takes a lot to get them out...or it does for me anyway. I can be a totally different person in a social situation depending on how comfortable and confident I'm feeling - I think it depends on how secure I feel with the people I'm with - I'm terrified of being left out and not feeling popular so can really lose my confidence if I feel like I'm not hitting it off with people in a social setting. I think being socially secure is a massive deal to capricorns - we like to feel popular and have a busy social life - and we need a lot of attention in social situations so we feel like people like us

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  20. Girl you forgot to say we like silly guys that make is wanna pee our pants

  21. I'm a Scorpio and she took me for granted for all my efforts. is it hard for caps to understand a Scorpio?

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  23. Great article. By far, best one I've read about a Capicorn woman. And to add, very in tuned spiritually

  24. So true.. I am a capricorn lady.. Each and every word so resembles me.

  25. My ex who was an aqua guy cheated on me several times (no wonder after reading aquarius traits) . I gave my 100% to this relationship. Everytime i confronted him, he was all sory and apologetic about his action which gave me a thought to give him one more chance . He did it again.. And i left him. Its been just 2days and i am over him.. Once i am done its done forever... And yes aqua guys are worst for relationship.

  26. Im blow away from what i read in your article. I can't say 100% but 99% of it are true.. hahaha! Yes indeed, we are a striker in our own ways! We can seems self-centerred but bare in minds, we do think of others too when we make a decisions. Whether or not, the outcome could be a result beneficial or pleasure to the others, but sure did what we did to make bad things into a win win situation and hope for the best! Not sure about others but, i am a pure Cap.
    I always think I'm a workaholic like what most article or people would say we are. But i felt so much at peace when i read ur article saying that we aren't actually a workaholic. We work around time, and amount of efforts puts in depends on the amount of value we think it's worth of.

    Anyway, i'm not going to write too long. Overall, it's one of the best article about us Cap Women Ever! WTG babe! Lovin ya! XOXO

  27. I was born on December 28th too! And thank you so much for your post, because you and I are pretty much down to a T. I definitely need a man who can keep up with me and it hurts that I used up 1.5 years because I couldn't see his true colors before.

  28. I think the only sun sign which will not betray a cap female is Taurean ...others just fool around ..tauras are dependable..

  29. This is hands down the best description I have ever read about the Capricorn Woman. It is 99.9% on the money!!! I feel so understood!!! Thank you!!!

  30. I enjoyed reading your blog about Cap woman. It was dead on. Looking back, I have always helped my exes write resumes, essays for college, give professional advice to succeed, encourage their ambitions. That is my way of showing how much I care about them. Pretty funny.
    Reliability is also very important to us. I had an ex who was lovely when we were having good time but no news when I was having a rough time. Hmm... no, Sir. That is NOT how it works.
    We also have great sense of humor and very adventurous but we have to get comfortable with people first to bring that side of us out.

  31. I enjoyed reading your blog about Cap woman. It was dead on. Looking back, I have always helped my exes write resumes, essays for college, give professional advice to succeed, encourage their ambitions. That is my way of showing how much I care about them. Pretty funny.
    Reliability is also very important to us. I had an ex who was lovely when we were having good time but no news when I was having a rough time. Hmm... no, Sir. That is NOT how it works.
    We also have great sense of humor and very adventurous but we have to get comfortable with people first to bring that side of us out.

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